U-Haul Rentals

Large U-haul truck.

So, you’ve just rented a self-storage unit. You’ve packed up everything that you want to store and all that’s left to do is get it to your new unit.

While it may be possible to fit smaller boxes and items in the family van, it may be difficult or nearly impossible if you need to move, say a dresser, a china cabinet, or a sofa. For larger or more cumbersome items, a larger vehicle will make transportation go more smoothly.

Many self-storage renters opt to make the move with a U-Haul truck. As an authorized U-Haul truck rental location, Store It America offers a simple, convenient way to take care of the entire process. We offer U-Haul rentals at all of our Store It America locations, excluding Des Moines.

To book your U-Haul truck or trailer rental, please call us at (563) 242-6100.