Why Temperature Controlled Storage?

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If you want to keep your belongings in great condition while in storage, you will definitely want to use a temperature controlled storage facility. Properly storing your possessions in a temperature controlled unit will protect from temperature damage, corrosion, and wood damage caused by extreme temperatures. Let’s be honest, living in the Midwest we are exposed to extreme temperatures that change from one day to another could change completely tomorrow.

How do the elements affect our possessions?

  • Freezing and thawing causes wood and metal to expand and contract, resulting in warping, weakening, splitting, and cracking.
  • When leather and clothing are exposed to extreme heat and cold elements they can turn yellow and start to degrade. 
  • Papers and fabrics can gather mold and mildew stains when exposed to the elements.
  • Electronics can be ruined by extreme cold conditions.
  • Paintings and fine art can shrink or expand in extreme temperatures.

Ideal Temperatures for Items:

  • Art: Between 60 - 75 °F.
  • Delicate Fabrics: Between 35 - 75 °F.
  • Delicate Paper Items: Between 35 - 75 °F.
  • Electronics: Between 50 - 80 °F.
  • Metal: Between 35 - 75 °F.
  • CDs, DVDs, and Video Games: Between 65 - 70 °F.
  • Vinyl Records: Between 65 - 70 °F
  • Wine: Ideal environment for storing wine is low light, around 55 °F.
  • Wood Furniture or Instruments: Between 55 - 85 °F.

Properly storing your belongings will protect them and save you money! Keep your stuff as good as new!

Ask our experts how storing your items in our temperature controlled units will benefit your belongings.