How Your Business Could Benefit from Self-Storage

How Your Businesses Could Benefit from Self-Storage | Store It America

3 Ways Businesses can Benefit from Using Self-Storage

  1. Free Up Office Space
    • Has your company grown but you can’t afford to move into a larger facility just yet? One of the easiest ways to free up current office space is by using self-storage. Storing things that are not needed in day to day operations will provide much needed extra room in your facility.
  2. Free Up Floor Space
    • Does your space get crowded when a new shipment of goods comes in? Some businesses just don’t have the room to keep everything at one that location. Or maybe there is extra equipment that takes up too much space. Having a storage unit will keep the overflow concise and clear up space while also protecting items from theft.
  3. Security for Important Documentation
    • Do you store have an abundance of sensitive business documentation around? If so, renting out a storage unit could be the best option. For your peace of mind, Store It America has around the clock security to securely stow important possessions such as client files, employee documents, human resources paperwork, all of which can pile up fast.
    • *Pro Tip: For additional security, use a locking filing cabinet inside the storage unit to keep the files protected from others in the company who has access to the storage space.

Store It America offers commercial and business self-storage rentals that provides specific needs. Find one of our facilities at our Iowa or Illinois locations, Davenport, Des Moines, Clinton, or East Moline, closest to your business. Give us a call and we can give specific recommendations for your company that suits your needs.